Are you....

...stuck in your marriage or relationship?

...stuck in your life?

Imagine a process where you can train your brain to instantly get you to....

feel good
● take the right actions
● get the results you want

in ANY area of your life.
Quickly and easily.

That is what The HeartFelt Process™️ does.

The HeartFelt Process™️ :

A revolutionary new technology that brings rapid change and healing to any area of your life:

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    ​Save or heal your marriage
  • Resolve personal conflicts within your family or business
  • Discover and start living your life purpose
  • Overcome anxiety and confusion

Whatever it is that is causing you pain right now....
- you can change your results when you change how you feel

The HeartFelt Process™️ has really helped me and gave me a new confidence on how I view myself and my current situation. It’s made me not feel needy towards my wife and she has actually been contacting me and trying to keep up with me and not the other way around, I’ve realized that yes not being with her would hurt me but it’s not the end of the world and I will get over it because I have a lot to bring to the table and I won’t settle for less than great! I still have my moments of feeling down sometimes but they are becoming few and far between, I know if I keep reminding myself of my new beliefs I will be just fine!
Whatever my wife does has no affect on my mood and I feel free in a sense! I haven’t felt this way in a long time!

Kevin Jones, Pro Athlete, USA

Thanks to The HeartFelt Process I am in a much better mental place. I now understanding that there is definitely life after a break up, that removing the focus from trying to fix something is the best way forward.
This process helps you to really start to see the flip side of the negative thoughts that you invariably carry. It helps keep you on track in turning your sub conscious thoughts into consistent positive thinking on your future.
I would say that it is a process that definitely helps you change how you think of yourself in regard to regaining your self belief which inevitably takes a hit when someone has hurt you and rejected you in life.


The HeartFelt Process is conducted 1-on-1 personally with Liam Naden.
After just one session you will feel an immediate and dramatic shift in your life.
Your confusion will be replaced by clarity.
You will know exactly what to do to bring you the results you want.
Start living your HeartFelt life and replace your fear and confusion with joy and certainty.

​I really enjoyed the call and today things have been a WHOLE lot different. I feel a definite shift and and I am handling things amazingly well.


What you get with The HeartFelt Process™️ Personal Power Package :

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    Assessment Questionnaire
  • 120-minute personal HeartFelt Process™️ session (via Skype)
  • Personal Heartfelt Blueprint
  • 45-minute personal followup consultation (conducted 1 week later via Skype)
  • 1-month personal email support

Regular Price: $295
Limited Time Offer: $195 (Save 30%)

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I found The HeartFelt Process very enlightening.


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